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For clients that already have the mobile app downloaded to your phone and prefer to continue using the MindBody app please continue to do so accordingly. 

If you are new and would like to use the convenience of setting up an account via our mobile application to make appointment please access Apple App Store or Google Play and download the Mind Body App. ( Highly Advised )

 Click Here To Download 

All Andriod Mobile Devices:  

Apple iOS for iPhone and iPad Devices:  

If you are utilizing MindBody for the first time:

Once installed you will be able to type in " Chrishad Unlimited " in search box and also change your location to Charlotte. Once you have completed both these steps you will be forwarded to area that will allow you to choose the Chrishad Unlimited barbershop.

This will allow you to setup account and book appointments utilizing special features from your mobile device app.


Instructions for Clients Unable to use Mobile App :

For clients that prefer not to use or unable to download ios or android app. Please click on the "Book Your Appointment" button above. By clicking on button you will be taken to screen that will allow you to download app however you should see a small " X " in the top right hand side of your screen. Click the " X " and you will taken to area in which you can schedule appointment with out downloading mobile app.


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